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Celebrate Children’s Hospitals Week with us March 18 – 24!

We’re excited to celebrate the third annual Children’s Hospitals Week hosted by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals March 18 — 24.

How you can participate in Children’s Hospitals Week:

Wear a bandage and post a photo on your social media account while sharing that children’s hospitals like Stormont Vail Health need donations using #ChildrensHospitalsWeek. You can get your own FREE #ChildrensHospitalsWeek bandages at

Tune in to our LIVE-athon and learn more about the kids treated at hospitals like ours across the country on or on Wednesday, March 20 at 8 pm ET.

Start a fundraising campaign on, on Facebook or directly to us on to help kids like Justice.

Justice was born early, weighing just four pounds but otherwise seemingly healthy.

“Aaron and I took her home three days later and we were like, ‘We’re first time parents!’ We didn’t really think that anything was different until they told us about the heart murmur,” Brittony said.

Their doctor in Emporia, where they lived at the time, immediately called the Cotton O’Neil Heart Center in Topeka. The next day, pediatric cardiologist Dhiraj Singh walked into their lives.

Dr. Singh diagnosed Justice with Williams Syndrome. The genetic condition is marked by developmental delays, learning challenges and cardiovascular disease, including something called supravalvular arortic stenosis.

Justice underwent her first heart surgery to fix it at just three months old, and a second surgery not long after. At ten months old, she was admitted to Stormont Vail Health’s pediatric intensive care unit for ten days because her calcium levels were too high.

Helping ensure her recovery stays on track is Cotton O’Neil’s growing community cardiology approach for pediatrics. Several days a month, a cardiologist at Stormont Vail travels to primary care clinics in Emporia and Manhattan – where the family lives now – providing follow up care, closer to home.

Justice turned two in August, and could not be a happier child. She enjoys getting dressed up and wakes up every morning with a smile on.


Donate and share today for kids just like Justice.