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Follow-Up Care

Thanks to our Children’s Miracle Network partners, Stormont Vail Health is better able to help 42,000 Kansas kids. Funds raised underwrite the cost of different programs and services that help our youngest and most vulnerable patients. One program is the Breastfeeding Center.

The staff in the Breastfeeding Center provide education and support to our patients during their stay, then give ongoing education and support after the mother and baby are discharged. The ultimate goal is that mothers and babies have success with breastfeeding.



Laura Odom is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Laura has been with the Breastfeeding Center for ten years. She loves her job and the care she provides to families. “Being able to assist the patient with breastfeeding in the hospital helps the family with understanding normal patterns and when to be concerned and/or seek assistance. Education is key in building confidence in new parents. The more they know about what to expect, the better prepared they can be to handle this new routine.” The Breastfeeding Center provides that education and has seen results because of it. In 2018, they had 8,222 patient visits, 1,205 follow-up visits, and 1,307 bilirubin lab collects. Over the past two years, Stormont Vail Health’s exclusive breastfeeding rate has improved by 20%.

The part that Laura loves most about her job is watching these babies grow and thrive. “We get to help the moms become confident in breastfeeding when they are struggling and to empower them to reach their goals. I’m always happy to be the shoulder she needs to lean on when things are hard and to be her biggest cheerleader when things are improving or going well. They say it takes a village to raise a baby and we at the Breastfeeding Clinic are happy to be a part of every mom’s village.”