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Happy Nurses Week to our CMN Volunteers!

At Stormont Vail Health, we have 50 volunteers that give of their time and energy to help with Children’s Miracle Network. They help at events and fundraisers year-round and we would not be successful without them! Most are Stormont Vail employees, many being nurses. We want to say a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers, and Happy National Nurses Week to those that double-dip as CMN volunteers and nurses. They work long shifts, caring for our patients, and then continue to give back to the organization during their time off. Here’s just a few nurses we’d like to highlight:

Jessica Carlson, Epic OpTime Analyst in Information Systems
Jessica has worked for Stormont Vail Health for 13 years and enjoys the incredible team that she works with.
If she could have any superpower, it would be to teleport.

Ashley Hart, RN with Transitional Care Management
Ashley loves helping patients get the resources they need when they are already not feeling the best and helping them get back to their lives faster.
“I love volunteering with CMN! My mother actually had cancer twice. I know that her and my grandparents went through a lot during that time, so if I can help contribute to our hospital and the bettering of experiences for pediatric patients going through similar situation, then that gives me great pride!”

Suzy Keck, RNC-neonatal in the NICU
Suzy has worked for Stormont for 25 years and would love the superpower of getting multiple things done at once so she could have more time to rest.
Suzy volunteers for CMN because she feels “it’s such a great organization that provides much needed equipment and support to our NIC. All of it helps greatly in caring for the babies.”

Kendi Knox, NICU Quality Coordinator
Kendi has worked for Stormont for 37 years and loves all parts of her job. “I work at my desk for part of my job and then I can go into the NICU and help the clinical bedside nurses. Whether I am helping with an admission, answering call lights or covering for lunch, I love being able to help the nurses in the NICU.”
If she could have any superpower, Kendi would like to be able to fly like a bird and be able to heal others.

Kim Scammon, NICU Charge Nurse
Kim has been a Stormont team member for 23 years and enjoys seeing the NICU babies grow and get healthy enough to go home with their families.
Kim volunteers because it “just seems like the right thing to do. There are so many people that need help in this world and if the little bit I do can help someone out it is very fulfilling.”


To all CMN volunteers that are nurses, Happy National Nurses Week! You’re all superheroes to our patients and to us!