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Jazanna’s Miracle Story – National Heart Month

Blake, a sonographer at the Cotton O’Neil Heart Center, never thought that one morning he would detect a problem and help save a baby’s life.

Alberto and Malisa had already suffered tremendous loss, losing their first child at a few days old and another before birth. The birth of their third child, Jazanna, brought tremendous joy, as well as fear, because Jazanna was born facing some health challenges of her own. Dr. Sunil Gotru, Stormont Vail Health pediatric hospitalist, promised the family the health care team would give it their all to ensure that Jazanna has the best opportunities to grow up happy and healthy.

Jazanna had been released from inpatient care at Stormont Vail Health and was having an ultrasound at the Heart Center. The team, including Blake, was focused on getting and keeping her healthy. At first, it seemed like everything was okay, but with Jazanna “something told me something wasn’t quite right,” Blake said.

Blake was persistent and did further imaging; his persistence paid off. Suddenly he saw it. Jazanna had a coarctation of the aorta, a condition that could have been fatal at any moment. He immediately let the rest of the pediatric cardiology team know, including Dr. Mark Gelatt, pediatric cardiologist with Children’s Mercy Kansas City, who works on-site at the Heart Center as part of Stormont Vail Health’s partnership with Children’s Mercy.

Pediatric cardiology team members Tara, nurse manager, and Sam, LPN, worked quickly with Dr. Gelatt to help Jazanna get the care she needed. A Children’s Mercy transfer team came to the Heart Center and took Jazanna and her family to Children’s Mercy Kansas City where Jazanna had heart surgery.

She was back home in just eight days and today is a growing and thriving 4-month-old. She will likely always receive follow-up care at Stormont Vail Health.

Alberto and Malisa are forever grateful for the Stormont Vail team and how hard they worked to get Jazanna the care she needed.

“It’s nice that we have doctors here in the town we live in who can care for her,” Alberto said. “When they take care of your child and show the love and kindness that you would show her, you grow to love them like family.”

Blake said Jazanna will always hold a special place in his heart, too.