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Meet a Miracle Kid – Kaydence!

We have families that go above and beyond to share how Stormont Vail’s programs and services have helped them. When you give to Children’s Miracle Network at Stormont Vail Health, you’re helping kids like Kaydence, one of our miracle kids. Check out her story below!

Kaydence was born in Topeka, Kansas on June 6, 2013. In 2014, Kaydence went in for her 15-month-old well baby check. The exam went well until the nurse practitioner examined Kaydence’s abdomen. When she finished, the nurse practitioner said that she was going to call the pediatrician for a consult. After an ultrasound and further testing, Kaydence was diagnosed with Stage II Wilm’s Tumor in the right kidney, the tumor on her kidney being the size of a brick. Kaydence was scheduled to have the tumor and kidney removed as soon as possible.

At her 18-month check-up, at age 2 and a half, Kaydence’s parents received the news that their daughter once again had a Stage I Wilm’s Tumor on her left and only remaining kidney. She received chemotherapy for ten weeks and then had a partial left nephrectomy (partial removal of the left kidney).

During the spring of 2018, Kaydence had another 18-month routine follow-up and the scan revealed 2 masses, one in each lung (Wilm’s Tumor progresses to the lungs typically). The doctors removed a nodule in her right lung and biopsied. Amazingly, her biopsy came back negative for cancer!

She is a happy, healthy 6-year-old who loves to dance, sing and play. She is definitely a superhero!

You can find Kaydence and her family at all of our CMN events, especially at our local Walmart and Sam’s Club locations this time of year. Kaydence loves helping make balloon animals and face painting!